SurferPro Magazine’s interview with Hawaii’s Bethany Hamilton

Following Hawaii Surfer Girl Bethany Hamilton’s victory at the Surf N Sea Women’s Pipeline Pro – Is SurferPro Magazine with Bethany to ask her a few questions.

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How does this win fit into your career highlights?

It felt really good. It felt amazing actually. I’ve always had a big desire to surf Pipeline and I love getting barreled. So to be able to surf fun Pipeline, get a couple of barrels, and actually win an event out here is an amazing feeling. I’m just really happy about the whole thing.

Can you tell me about the conditions for the event?

Well, we had a really long waiting period. We had to run the event after the boy’s pro junior contest, so we had to wait for that to finish. I’d been surfing Pipe a lot before the contest to practice and had some really fun days. When they finally told us that they were going to run the comp, I looked at the conditions and it looked pretty junk. I was sort of bummed at first, but when I paddled out I realized that there were actually some really fun waves. It was more of a north swell, so it wasn’t classic Pipeline. Backdoor was breaking more and it felt more like a pointbreak. I had a few good waves in my first heat and was able to build on that momentum all the way through the event.

It’s been a while since you’ve had a win, correct?

Yeah, my dad told me after I won that it had been 10 years since I won a contest! I had to laugh at that. But yeah, it feels really good to finally win again.

I remember a few years back you were pretty close to qualifying. Is that something you’re still trying to do?

No, not this year. I was only a few spots away a few years back. But this year, I’m just taking it a little easier. I recently got married so I’m enjoying that. I’m also working on a movie project with Aaron Lieber. We’re basically going to document what my life’s like and then mix in some surf trips to get good some waves. I’m really looking forward to that project.

Do you think you’ll want to take another shot at qualifying after that?

Yeah, maybe. I think I’ll just try and enjoy this year and make my decision after it’s over though. I have to say that after watching Bianca surf at Snapper, it made me want to try and compete at that level. I think we have a similar approach, so it made me think about really trying to qualify again.

You recently traveled to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama. What was that like?

It was an amazing experience. I’m pretty used to public speaking events, but I was super nervous for this one. For one, President Obama and the First Lady were sitting right next to me and I had to give a six-minute-long speech as well. But it turned out great. I think people were really stoked. I hope they were. But it was great to meet the president and talk about Hawaii and surfing with him.

Any other projects coming up?

Yes, actually. I’m about to release my second book. It’s called Bethany Hamilton Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun, and Fabulous Life. It comes out in May and is geared toward young women. It was a really fun project to work on and I hope it will help out a lot of young women.


Carissa Moore to face Stephanie Gilmore in Semifinal 1 of Roxy Pro Gold Coast

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It was a slow ride in the 2nd quarter final for Hawaii surfers Carissa Moore and Malia Manuel.  According to ASP World Tour, it was anyone’s ride to victory but as always it boils down to who wants it more.  Carissa Moore the reigning Women’s World Champion proved her worth and defeated Manuel with a 10.33 over Malia Manuel 7

[vsw id=”qwDPbkohPSI” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Round 1 Recap with Hawaii Surfer Girls

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Photo Courtesy Roxy Blog

Photo Courtesy Roxy Blog

Hawaii’s Alessa Quizon being aggressive on those waves claimed her a top seat in Heat 1 (11.83) for the Roxy Pro Gold Coast over other surfers Bianca Buitendat (9.93) and Stephanie Gilmore (7).

[vsw id=”lF-GfkvCTt8″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Via the Roxy Pro Gold Coast Recap  – Rookie Quizon answers back with a 7.93 out of a possible 10 for an explosive series of backhand turns. Unflinching in the face of her more established competitors, Quizon draws an uncharacteristic interference on Gilmore, effectively taking the veteran out of heat contention and relegating her to the elimination Round 2.

[vsw id=”YVOlDzU9NHI” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

In Heat 3 we have Hawaii Surfer Girls – Carissa Moore taking the top spot with 15.57, Malia Manuel trailing behind with 12.96 and Aussey Keely Andrew with 8.93

Via Roxy Pro Gold Coast Recap – Manuel is stylish and progressive, netting scores in the 6-point range with strong surfing in the Snapper walls.

Reigning two-time ASP Women’s World Champion Carissa Moore builds momentum throughout the heat before locking in the day’s high single-wave score of a 9.00 for an unparalleled display of power and variety.

The Hawaiian, who took out the Hurley Australian Open Qualification Series (QS) event earlier this season, continues to make a statement about her intentions for the year.

Riding in Heat 4 & 5 – Hawaii Surfer Girls trailing at last with 11.00 – Alana Blanchard and Coco Ho 10.17

Blanchard opens her campaign late in the heat, but connects three fully-committed turns to break her combination situation with five minutes remaining.

Coco Ho draws first blood after a series of throwaway scores, belting an 5.67 on a long Snapper righthander.

Taking 1st Kauai’s Malia Manuel at Hunter Ports Women’s Classic, Newcastle Surfest


Hawaii Surfer girl Malia Manuel (Kauai) owned the waves today at the Hunter Ports Women’s Classic – Newcastle Surfest in Australia. Manuel has stoodout throughout the week performing tough, hard, strong while shredding up Newcastle’s waves. And it she doesn’t stop there – Next week Malia will be at the season opening Samsung Galaxy ASP Women’s WCT event, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast

“I didn’t come to Surfest last year and I’m so glad I came back this year,” Manuel said. “I’m really happy to be back in Newcastle, I’m definitely more in love with life today than I was yesterday. I’m really excited to surf heats and to be back in Australia early for the start of the ASP season. I got second the last time I was here, so I know how it feels to be the bridesmaid and it feels really good to step up.”

Carissa Moore rides to victory at Hurley Australian Open of Surfing


Doubling up for the international contingent in the Hurley Australia World Tour of Surfing second-tier event – Sweet Victory for Hawaii’s surfer girl Carissa Moore over Alessa Quizon also another Hawaiian surfer!

“I got that 9.43 in the Final, and it was such a nice wave, but I didn’t expect to get that score. I did a speed floater and then tried to push the last turn as hard as I could and I’m just stoked that I popped back up after it,” adds Moore.

‘I didn’t come here expecting to win,’ Moore admitted.

‘It’s been a while since I had a jersey on and it was good to get back into it, then this morning I started getting nervous and I just had to tell myself to relax and have fun.’

Carissa Moore (HAW) 17.10 def. Alessa Quizon (HAW) 15.80

Upcoming ASP World Tour Events:
March 1 – 12 – Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast (Men’s & Women’s ASP World Championship Tour)
April 2 – 13 – Drug Aware Margaret River Pro (Men’s & Women’s ASP World Championship Tour)
April 16 – 27 – Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach (Men’s & Women’s ASP World Championship Tour)

Maui to host Finals for Women’s Surfing World Championship Tour

It’s been 5 long years since  a women’s surfing championship event was held on the beautiful Island of Maui.  In ASP’s news release earlier  today, the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Championship Tour will be held November 24 through December 6 at Maui’s Honolua Bay.

We look forward to sweet rides for Hawaii professional women surfers – Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Alana Blanchard and more!

Alana Blanchard & Bethany Hamilton Team Up In The Kauai Surf!

[vsw id=”H_mRrYJV3Xo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, Episode 6): Childhood friends and pro surfers Alana Blanchard and Bethany Hamilton reunite at home on Kauai to throw the Keiki Classic—a surf contest in Hanalei Bay for local groms. Alana and Bethany grew up in Kauai surfing together, competing in local contests and pushing each other to be better surfers. They don’t get to spend as much time together nowadays, but they’re still the best of friends and have so much fun putting on the Keiki Classic together. See what life is like as a grom on Kauai including footage of Alana and Bethany surfing as kids—Omg!

Alana Surfer Girl

Alana Surfer Girl

New episodes of ‘Alana” Surfer Girl’ release every Monday on Network A.

Get caught up—Watch the entire “Alana Surfer Girls” series:

Ford Supergirl Pro Champion: Malia Manuel

Photo Courtesy: Surfline (IG)

Photo Courtesy: Surfline (IG)

Malia Manuel will not just take cake for her 20th birthday on Friday, August 9, 2013. She will be celebrating in style with the pink cape from her victory at the 6-Star Ford Supergirl Pro.

Malia was on fire at the Supergirl Pro. Even with five extra minutes in the Finals, Kiwi, Paige Hareb (23) could not untangle herself from the combo situation that Malia had placed her in. Malia’s powerful first snap earned her a 9.57 which gave her the highest combined heat score of the competition (17.24). Paige surfed well throughout the competition but could not seem to catch a break due to the lack of waves in the Finals. The early dedication by Malia Manuel ultimately led to her first victory of the 2013 season. Malia is ranked No. 12 on the ASP Women’s Championship Tour. Out of 12 contestants, she won the cape, the points, and the $8,000 prize purse.

Notwithstanding her incredible rides on Saturday, crowd favorite, Bethany Hamilton did not make it from the Round of 12 to the Quarters. Paige Hareb added: “I thought the crowd was here for Bethany. So, it’s cool they stuck around.” The crowd was pumped for the Quarters. The heats were intense. Malia would best Silvana Lima by surfing aggressively. There was a French face-off between friends, Pauline Ado and Justine Dupont. Pauline Ado commented on the exchange after her transfer to the Semis: “… really tough to find an open face and I’m going against my friend. So, it is really hard.” There was also an all-Hawaiian heat between Alessa Quizon and the formidable favorite, CoCo Ho. Alessa was triumphant, earning the GoBank “New Kid on the Wave” award. Nonetheless, crowds swarmed CoCo for autographs. Lastly, a goofy-footed Kiwi would come up against a regular-footed Aussie. New Zealand and Australia seem to sport what resembles a healthy sibling rivalry in almost everything. The sport of surfing was no exception at the Supergirl Pro. Paige Hareb and Nikki Van Dijk had one of the closest heats of the day. They were quick to answer one another back with solid maneuvers. Right before the buzzer, Nikki made an excellent attempt. By only .79, Paige Hareb would move on to the Semis stating: “I knew it was gonna be close.”

In the Semis, the waves started dumping. Malia gained an 8.3 and an 8.0 putting Pauline in a combo situation. Pauline needed two scores that would be bigger than a 16.3. Malia tried for an air but did not get the grab. Pauline answered back. However, it was virtually impossible to get two waves in under two minutes. Pauline did well in California. It was clearly a strategic move on Malia’s part. Paige Hareb did not get much of a break between the Quarters and the Semis. But, it would be Alessa Quizon who could not catch a break when trying to duck dive sets. She got pounded, pushing heaps of heavy water. It was a slow heat. Paige took the tenth wave, dropped down the face, and had a big hit. After passing on multiple waves, she made that one count. With seconds left, Alessa needed a high score and Paige did well to play defense. After several runner-up moments for Malia at the Supergirl Pro in years previous, she would now take the cape.

As the last day of the competition commenced, a young girl was asked who she was routing for. Malia Kohls smiled and did not hesitate to answer: “CoCo Ho and Malia Manuel. My name is also Malia.” Malia Kohls explained that she had just gotten back from vacationing in Kuaui (Malia Manuel’s stomping grounds). She sported a bright blue Surf Channel hat with multiple autographs and tightly gripped a matching orange and blue snow cone. She rushed the beach with excitement to see Malia Manuel after each heat that she won. Malia Manuel responded to the outpouring of young, female fans: “I think it’s awesome they cheer for me, draw pictures and they’re young fans. Hopefully, they start surfing and follow a good passion. This is the biggest event of the year for the women. I think it is awesome to see so many fans and so many supporters this year. I’m really happy to be a part of it.”

Malia Kohls is taking her advice. She is going to get surf lessons. At one point, she leaned over and exuberantly whispered to her mom: “I can’t believe I met her.” 96 of the top women surfers in the world compete in the Supergirl Pro each year. It is one of the largest all-female surf competitions. More importantly, surfers like Bethany Hamilton and Malia Manuel inspire young girls with their persistence, passion, and paramount surfing ability.

1 – Malia Manuel (HAW) 17.24
2 – Paige Hareb (NZL) 3.37

SF 1: Malia Manuel (HAW) 16.33 def. Pauline Ado (FRA) 8.27
SF 2: Paige Hareb (NZL) 12.00 def. Alessa Quizon (HAW) 7.60

QF 1: Malia Manuel (HAW) 12.50 def. Silvana Lima (BRA) 8.30
QF 2: Pauline Ado (FRA) 12.37 def. Justine Dupont (FRA) 10.16
QF 3: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 13.77 def. Coco Ho (HAW) 10.30
QF 4: Paige Hareb (NZL) 12.63 def. Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) 11.84

Heat 1: Malia Manuel (HAW) 15.03, Pauline Ado (FRA) 13.43, Rebecca Woods (AUS) 5.33
Heat 2: Justine Dupont (FRA) 11.26, Silvana Lima (BRA) 8.47, Anali Gomez (PER) 7.70
Heat 3: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 14.50, Paige Hareb (NZL) 13.57, Bethany Hamilton (HAW) 9.00
Heat 4: Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) 12.60, Coco Ho (HAW) 10.33, Phillipa Anderson (AUS) 8.50

Kauai’s Alana Blanchard, Network A’s Surfer Girls Season 2


PRESS RELEASE: New York (February 18, 2013) – Today Network A, the online action sports channel, releases the first episode of “Alana: Surfer Girl,” season two starring professional surfer and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Alana Blanchard. In this episode, Alana gets the news that she’s been chosen to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, travel with Alana to Las Vegas and go behind-the-scenes during her bikini photo shoot. After her whirlwind experience in Las Vegas, Alana heads back to the North Shore of Oahu to hit the surf with friends.

Watch the first episode of “Alana: Surfer Girl” on YouTube here: Filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii during the big wave and contest season, “Alana: Surfer Girl,” follows Alana and her friends, Camille Brady and Leila Hurst, as their lives unfold at the epicenter of professional surfing.

[vsw id=”W3Ya-5fHwrg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

“I’m so excited about the second season of Surfer Girl. I love that this show shares the experience of surfing with people around the world,” said Alana. “The first episode takes you on an adventure with me that includes traveling from Hawaii to Las Vegas for the Sports Illustrated photo shoot and shows some of my latest bikini designs for the Rip Curl Alana’s Closet collection.” Produced by Bedrocket Media Ventures and 8 Side Productions, the 10-video series officially launches today on Network A, with new episodes releasing every Monday.

Watch Season One: About Alana Blanchard: Alana Blanchard is one of the most popular surfers in the world she has combined technical skills and natural beauty to enhance her profile and enter into the mainstream.

A three-time World Championship Tour qualifier, Alana’s history with surfing goes back to her childhood in Kauai, Hawaii where she first learned to surf at the age of four with her father. Alana, 22, made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2013 and maintains a signature swimwear collection with Rip Curl and eyewear collection with Spy Optic. She has been previously named one of Sportsnet magazine’s ‘30 Most Beautiful Athletes on the Planet,’ Men’s Health ‘World’s Sexiest Athlete,’ and one of Rolling Stone’s ‘Hottest Women’. Her sponsors include: Rip Curl, Spy Optic, Reef, GoPro, Sticky Bumps, Future Fins, Rockstar Energy, Channel Island Surf Boards, and Royal Hawaiian Orchards. Follow Alana online: @alanaRblanchard,, or About Network A: Network A ( is the new home for action sports content online.

Network A is the only editorially-independent channel dedicated solely to action sports, with new snow, ski, surf, skate, moto, and BMX videos released daily. Network A is part of Bedrocket Media Ventures, a next generation media company. About Bedrocket Media Ventures: Bedrocket Media Ventures is a next generation media company that creates innovative video content networks for all screens. Founded by Brian Bedol, founder of Classic Sports Network (now ESPN Classic) and College Sports Television (now CBS College Sports), and Ken Lerer (co-founder of The Huffington Post), Bedrocket is focused on high quality programming and interactive technology platforms that revolutionize the way entertainment is created and distributed, and interactive programming that presents a new way of storytelling. Visit for more information.

Day One At The Breaka Burleigh Pro: Coco Ho advanced in 2nd

Breaka Burleigh Pro 2013 - Photo Courtesy ASP

Breaka Burleigh Pro 2013 – Photo Courtesy ASP

Burleigh Heads/Australia: Sunday February 3 2013: Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia/Sth Coast NSW) the 2012 number 2 ranked surfer in the world, pulled the rash vest back on for the first time for the 2013 season at the Breaka Burleigh Pro on the Gold Coast today and quickly showed the large crowds she’s ready for a big season with a solid opening round heat win.

Fitzgibbons won the heat comfortably ahead of Dimity Stoyle (Aus/Sunshine Coast) who advanced in 2nd place while Maud Le Car and Lee-Ann Curren from France were both eliminated.

Morning conditions were ideal with 1.5m (4 feet plus) swells and good clean waves at the iconic Burleigh Heads Point Break on the Gold Coast in front of a large crowd of fans.

“It’s incredible to see so many people here to watch the event and to have a Six-Star rated event for the women’s at Burleigh is fantastic for all of us” said 22 year old Fitzgibbons.

“I feel good about starting the season, it’s always a little tense before that first heat but I’m fit and ready for a big year and I’m using the Breaka to fine tune myself and my surfboards – the field is very strong here, there’s so many young girls challenging the established girls and this is a good opportunity to see them surf and surf against them.”

In round three Fitzgibbons will face highly rated Hawaiian Coco Ho, French surfer Alize Arnaud and South Africa’s Sarah Baum in her four surfer heat where 1st and 2nd advance.

New Zealand’s Sarah Mason was the opening morning’s standout performer with a high scoring two wave heat tally of 17.57 (out of a possible 20) defeating Coco Ho who advanced in 2nd place.

“I love surfing Burleigh Heads and today is especially good out there with some powerful waves coming through – it gives you a lot of options to throw some strong turns, especially on your backhand and it’s a great venue to compete in.

“My season is all about re-qualifying for the elite Women’s World Championship Tour and I’m taking it heat-by-heat.Today was a good start to the season for me but it’s early in the event and I need to keep advancing through these heats,” said a clearly focused Mason after her heat win.

Sunshine Coast surfer Naomi Stevic was impressive today, winning her opening round heat and then advancing through a tough round two heat where she placed second behind French surfer Alize Arnaud. In third place in this heat was highly rated Hawaiian Alana Blanchard who was the highest seed eliminated from the event today.

“I’m definitely aiming to do well in the major star events this year ” said Stevic.

“I love surfing Burleigh and today was the perfect start to my season so I’m feeling good right now but there’s a long way to go in this contest before you can actually feel like you have achieved a good start to the season.”

Tyler Wright (AUST/NSW/Lennox Head) is the event number two seed and dominated late in the day when she posted the days highest single wave score of a 9.83 along with the days highest heat tally of 17.70 in her win defeating her older sister Kirby who also advanced in second place.

“I felt comfortable out there and it’s great to get a rash vest back on – I haven’t competed for 6 months so it’s really good to get back into the water competing” said Wright.

“Surfing Burleigh is a perfect location to start the season and great preparation for Snapper Rocks in a month – surfing with my sister in the heat was fun and it was good to see us both advance.”

Other surfers to impress today were Hawaii’s Malia Manuel, Courtney Conlogue (USA/Cal) and Australia’s Nikki Van Dijk who all posted scores well into the excellent range to advance to round 3.

The opening two heats of the Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s division were run late in the day and Australian surfers Quinn Bruce and Harrison Mann took early round wins.

Good waves are expected at Burleigh Heads right through the coming week, thanks largely to an abating swell from the recent storm swell. Tomorrow’s action is expected to include Women’s round three and Men’s round one, beginning at 8:00am in the morning.

Results: Breaka Burleigh Pro Women’s 6-Star
Round of 48
Heat 1: Sarah Mason (Nzl) 17.57, Coco Ho (Haw) 15.00, Canelle Ballard (Fra) 10.34, Georgia Fish (Aus) 9.40
Heat 2: Paige Hareb (Nzl) 14.50, Sarah Baum (Zaf), Nao Omura (Jpn) 8.10, Bruna Schmitz (Bra) 7.34
Heat 3: Alize Arnaud (Fra) 15.93, Naomi Stevic (Aus) 14.60, Alana Blanchard (Haw) 13.54, Laura Poncini (Aus) 8.70
Heat 4: Sally Fitzgibbons (Aus) 13.00, Dimity Stoyle (Aus) 12.63, Maud Le Car (Fra) 9.00, Lee-Ann Curren (Fra) 8.33
Heat 5: Malia Manuel (Haw) 16.16, Alessa Quizon (Haw) 14.10, Omella Pellizzari (Arg) 8.10, Frankie Harrer (USA) 3.33
Heat 6: Nikki Van Dijk (Aus) 15.83, Bianca Buitendag (Zaf) 10.00, Freya Prumm (Aus) 5.07, Ainara Aymat (Euk) 4.66
Heat 7: Pauline Ado (Fra) 9.27, Felicity Palmeteer (Aus) 9.17, Ellie-Jean Coffey (Aus) 8.00, Miho Ihara (Jpn) 4.84
Heat 8: Courtney Conlogue (USA) 15.33, Erica Hosseini (USA) 9.60, Laura Macaulay (Aus) 9.00, Anali Gomez (Per) 5.07
Heat 9: Tyler Wright (Aus) 17.70, Kirby Wright (Aus) 10.16, Leila Hurst (Haw) 6.60, Skye Burgess (Aus) 6.07
Heat 10: Philippa Anderson (Aus) 16.67, Quincy Davis (USA) 13.94, Rebecca Woods (Aus) 8.84, Sophie Callister (Aus) 2.66
Heat 11: Rosanne Hodge (Zaf) 15.34, Sage Erickson (12.40) 12.40, Eden Putland (Aus) 9.53, Nage Melamed (Haw) 7.67
Heat 12: Laura Enever (Aus) 9.70, Brittani Nicholl (Aus) 9.10, Mikaela Greene (Aus) 6.37, Joanne Defay (Fra) 2.84

Round of 60
Heat 1: Sarah Mason (NZ) 12.66, Bruna Schmitz (BRA) 9.33, Bethany Hamilton (Haw) 7:00, Takechi Minami (Jpn) 3.27
Heat 2: Naomi Stevic (Aus) 11.67, Lee-Ann Curren (Fra) 10.93, Codie Klein (Aus) 9.00, Faye Zoetmulder (Zaf) 3.56
Heat 3: Frankie Harrer (USA) 11.76, Ainara Aymat (Euk) 7.73, Dominic Barona (Ecu) 7.53, Carina Duarte (Por) 7.34
Heat 4: Miho Ihara (Jpn) 6.07, EricaHosseini (USA) 6.00, Anne Cecile Le Talle (Fra) 5.50, Jess Grimwood (Aus) 3 67
Heat 5: Skye Burgess (Aus) 11.33, Quincy Davis (USA) 10.77, Keely Andrew (Aus), Alisha Gonsalves (USA) 6.10
Heat 6: Eden Putland (Aus) 16.17, Mikaela Greene (Aus) 13.93, Bronte Macaulay (Aus) 12 67, Jordan Hundley (USA) 7.34

Results Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s 4-Star
Round of 160
Heat 1: Quinn Bruce (Aus) 10.93, Jake Scott (Aus) 9.57, Gabriel Farias (Bra) 7.40, Kaito Takamatsu (Jpn) 5.97
Heat 2: Harrison Mann (Aus) 9.83, Luke Hynd (Aus) 8.10, Dave Reardon-Smith (Aus) 5.60, Samba Mann (Aus) 3.67

The Breaka Burleigh Pro is proudly supported by Breaka Flavoured Milk, Channel 7, Southern Cross Austereo (B105 & Sea FM), Events Queensland, Surfing Queensland, ASP Australasia, Scoot Airlines, Ooh!, Surfing Life Magazine, GCCC, XXXX Summer Bright Lager, Rapid Media, 5 and a half Sunglasses, JR Surfboards and the Maddison Estate Surf Precinct.