Hawaii Women Football Officials Wanted!

We currently do not have any women working as high school football officials. We welcome all new officials and would like to see how we can better reach out to the women who would be interested.  See contact information below.


For more information please contact:

Matt Sumstine
HHSAA Football Officials Coordinator
HFOA Aloha Clinic Director
NCAA Mountain West

Cell/Text (808) 927-8665
League Name/Fundraiser Event: Hawaii Football Officials Association

Xtreme Flag Football – Hawaii Women’s League starts May 18th

Hawaii’s women Flag Football league is starting up again  on May 18th.  Interested players and teams are invited to call Chad for more information: 808.216.6722 or you can drop him an email: xtremewfflhawaii@gmail.com


Hawaii Women Athletes and Breast Implants Sports Ban

Hawaii_Breast_ImplantsIt has not been an issue in Hawaii yet, but last year, the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission passed a rule that prohibits female fighters from competing in MMA unless they are medically cleared by the Plastic Surgeon that surgically placed the implants in their chest.

This rule was adopted after a female fighter pulled out of a match due to a problem with her breast implant. The reaction of the commission – We don’t know what would happen if a breast implant ruptured and we need more information about what exactly makes a breast implant explode in one’s chest. Can you say awkward?!

After meeting with Dr. Larry Schlesinger, Hawaii Plastic Surgeon of Breast Implant Center of Hawaii and hearing his professional opinion, we couldn’t agree with him more. Unless you can pack a punch like that of a monster truck we feel confident that the Hawaii women athletes are at no risk to continue with their athletic activity, but should only perform at a level they are skilled in.

The Hawaii Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Larry Schlesinger has also informed us of Dr. Sanjay Grover, another Plastic Surgeon and his findings of the durability of Breast Implants via challenges on youtube – After seeing these video’s I would say that Silicone Implants are pretty tough!  lol

BMW vs. Silicone Implant

Falling from a 7 foot building

And finally – The Monster Truck

Team Aloha Basketball Will Head to the Mainland in late April

MW-Mufi-040214-Mfi-Laurie-DellaIt’s that time of year when the conch shell is blown as a signal to island residents to sign up to “take control of your diabetes” (TCOYD) through the 15th annual TCOYD Conference and Health Fair Saturday, April 12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Hawaii Convention Center.

For more on the TCOYD Conference read: A Poipourri Of Health and Sports

For examples of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, eight of Hawaii’s most talented scholar/athletes have been selected to be a part of the latest edition of Team Aloha: Hawaii women’s basketball that will head to the Mainland in late April to play in the Arizona Elite Spring Classic.

This is the eighth group of young women who have made this sojourn to the Mainland, which enables them to gain exposure in front of college scouts and hopefully attract interest and scholarship offers.

The other benefit is that it has helped demonstrate that our local wahine can compete at the highest levels, as evidenced by the fact that Team Aloha has won 75 percent of its games, including one in 2006 when it won the prestigious Nike Storm and Swish tournament in California.

TA alumni who received scholarships from Division I colleges competing this season include Konawaena’s Lia Galdeira and Dawnyelle Awa at Washington State; Milika Taufa and Maiki Viela from Lahainaluna playing at Indiana and Gonzaga; Punahou’s Shawna Kuehu and Kalei Adolpho of Molokai, of UH’s Rainbow Wahine squad; and Iolani’s Alex Masaquel at William and Mary, and Kylie Maeda, whose BYU Cougars advanced to this year’s NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen.

The Lady Cougars also gave a scholarship to Kamehameha-Kapalama senior Alohi Robins-Hardy, a three-time TA player. In years past, TA alumni also have received scholarships to other Division 1 powers, including UNLV, USC, UC-Berkeley and Utah, to name a few.

Looking to build on this tradition, from the 2014 roster is the state’s most outstanding player, sophomore Chanelle Molina of Konawaena, who will joined by her classmate Ihi Victor; state champion Punahou’s Tyra Moe; 6-foot-2 post Jeneva Toilolo of Farrington; Hilo’s Alexis Pana; Patria Vaimoana of Kailua; Millilani’s Shantel Appleby; and from Maui, Lindsay Bates of Lahainaluna.

One of the assistants to head coach Fran Villarmia-Kahawai is Keisha Kanekoa, a former Honokaa standout who, like Villarmia-Kahawai, lettered at UH. Kanekoa was a member of the 2006 TA championship team that was tutored by former UH head coach Dana Takehara-Dias.


Fast Pitch Hawaii Started their 2014 Spring/Summer Season

Fast Pitch Hawaii - Season 6

Fast Pitch Hawaii’s Women Softball League has started their 2014 Spring Season, 6th season, this past Sunday at Sand Island State Park, located at the end of Sand Island Access Road right off of Nimitz Highway (Highway 92).   Coming into this season FPH has a total of 10 teams and each team with a full roster containing 16+ women, showcasing a minimum of 160 players each Sunday and a crowd support of at least 200.

Teams are full however, rosters are open and teams are willing to take new players aboard.  If you are interested, they are requesting that you contact via FACEBOOK or by EMAIL  (fastpitchhawaii@gmail.com)

The following teams are:

Paina Girls (1-0)
Yah U (1-0)
Smurfettes (1-0)
Diamond Love (1-0)
Eat Um Up (1-0)
Twisted Sisters (0-1)
Alcoballics (0-1)
Who Dat (0-1)
Pink Ladies (0-1)
Sweet Okole (0-1)

This league has been blessed with many talented Hawaii Softball Athletes – Former UH Players, Kate Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Makani Duhaylonsod-Kaleimamahu, Kanani Williams, Tyleen Tausaga,  Valana Manuma.  Former Tennessee player Anita Manuma, Florida State – Courtney Senas, Eastern Arizona – Jackie Tema and the list continues.

Fast Pitch Hawaii will be doing it again this Sunday, March 30th at Sand Island State Park and look for community support with encouraging these women to stay athletically active.  They are also looking for financial/product sponsors to reward their awesome women and help keep the league going.  If you would like to make a donation (good will, advertising expenses, etc…) please contact them!

Each Team Manager must fill out the information below and turn it in with full payment.

For 2014 Softball Tournaments in Holland, please click here. Holland Charter Township Recreation will be hosting MASA tournaments this summer in Holland.

Leeward AYSO Fall Soccer Season is Open for Registration


Registration for the 2014 Girls Soccer and Boys Soccer Fall Season is now open.

On-site registration dates and locations are:

March 29th and April 26th
Kapolei Middle School, Bldg. E
5:00 to 7:00 pm

May 10th
Nanakuli High School Cafeteria
3:00 to 5:00 pm

Complete and electronically sign player applications on eayso.org.  Registration fee of $75 may also be paid on-line.

If you are planning on attending one of our on-site registration dates, please bring one copy of the player registration form.  Please make checks payable to AYSO 269.

We can no longer distribute our registration fliers to the public schools.  Help us get the word out by letting your friends and family know about the registration dates.

Visit our website at leewardayso269.com for more information.


Area 7A
Director Gerry Solomon gmsolo72@gmail.com
Region 274 Commissioner (Hilo)    http://www.ayso403.org/default_css.aspx
Brown, David brownd071@hawaii.rr.com
Region 403 Commissioner (North Hawaii) http://www.ayso403.org/default_css.aspx
Jerilyn Canniff vmjcanniff@hawaiiantel.net
Region 527 Commissioner (Kona)                       http://ayso527kona.clubspaces.com/default_css.aspx
Cara Altamirano altamirano@hawaii.rr.com
Region 601 Commissioner (Central Maui)
Sheldene Hozaki skhozaki@gmail.com
Region 738 Commissioner (Puna)
Greg Scott greg@hilohearingaid.com
Region 818 Commissioner (Upcountry Maui) www.upcountryayso.org
David Makua makuad@ayso.com
Region 892 Commissioner (West Maui)
Diana Hayes lahainaayso@msn.com
Region 895 Commissioner (Kihei)
Alana Rucynski alanar@eramaui.com
Region 940 Commissioner (West Kauai)
William Trugillo wtrugillo@msn.com
Region 941 Commissioner (East Kauai)
Clarence “Sonny” Kaona bruddahbu1@yahoo.com
Region 1584 Commissioner (Ka’u)
Crystalee Mandaguit narcissa01@hotmail.com
Area 7E
Director Lei Leong leongs019@gmail.com
Region 118 Commissioner (Aiea) http://aysoregion118.com
Mike Sakamoto rc@aysoregion118.com
Region 119 Commissioner (Mililani) http://www.mililaniayso.org/
Noeau Correa rc@mililaniayso.org
Region 188 Commissioner (Hickam) http://aysoregion188.org/
Rick Montgomery rc@aysoregion188.org
Region 269 Commissioner (Leeward) http://www.leewardayso269.com
Richard Wentling Jr richardwentling@yahoo.com
Region 289 Commissioner (North Shore) http://www.northshoreayso.org
Moana Bjur mbjur@hawaii.rr.com
Region 358 Commissioner (Laie)
Richard Oei aysoregion358@aol.com
Region 381 Commissioner (Pearl City) http://region381.clubspaces.com/default_css.aspx
Gary Tashiro garytashiro@hotmail.com
Region 769 Commissioner (West Oahu) http://ayso769.org/
James Fernandez coachjames769@gmail.com
Area 7O
Director Guy Anama ad@aysohawaii.org
Site http://aysohawaii.org/
Region 48 Commissioner (Diamond Head) https://sites.google.com/a/aysohawaii.org/region48/
Brian Asamoto r48rc@aysohawaii.org
Region 100 Commissioner (Kailua – Waimanalo) https://sites.google.com/a/aysohawaii.org/region100/
Roy Takekawa r100rc@aysohawaii.org
Region 113 Commissioner (Kaneohe) http://www.kaneoheayso.org/
Nella Sword r113rc@aysohawaii.org
Region 178 Commissioner (Honolulu) AYSORegion178.org
Ginger Matayoshi r178rc@aysohawaii.org

SurferPro Magazine’s interview with Hawaii’s Bethany Hamilton

Following Hawaii Surfer Girl Bethany Hamilton’s victory at the Surf N Sea Women’s Pipeline Pro – Is SurferPro Magazine with Bethany to ask her a few questions.

How does this win fit into your career highlights?

It felt really good. It felt amazing actually. I’ve always had a big desire to surf Pipeline and I love getting barreled. So to be able to surf fun Pipeline, get a couple of barrels, and actually win an event out here is an amazing feeling. I’m just really happy about the whole thing.

Can you tell me about the conditions for the event?

Well, we had a really long waiting period. We had to run the event after the boy’s pro junior contest, so we had to wait for that to finish. I’d been surfing Pipe a lot before the contest to practice and had some really fun days. When they finally told us that they were going to run the comp, I looked at the conditions and it looked pretty junk. I was sort of bummed at first, but when I paddled out I realized that there were actually some really fun waves. It was more of a north swell, so it wasn’t classic Pipeline. Backdoor was breaking more and it felt more like a pointbreak. I had a few good waves in my first heat and was able to build on that momentum all the way through the event.

It’s been a while since you’ve had a win, correct?

Yeah, my dad told me after I won that it had been 10 years since I won a contest! I had to laugh at that. But yeah, it feels really good to finally win again.

I remember a few years back you were pretty close to qualifying. Is that something you’re still trying to do?

No, not this year. I was only a few spots away a few years back. But this year, I’m just taking it a little easier. I recently got married so I’m enjoying that. I’m also working on a movie project with Aaron Lieber. We’re basically going to document what my life’s like and then mix in some surf trips to get good some waves. I’m really looking forward to that project.

Do you think you’ll want to take another shot at qualifying after that?

Yeah, maybe. I think I’ll just try and enjoy this year and make my decision after it’s over though. I have to say that after watching Bianca surf at Snapper, it made me want to try and compete at that level. I think we have a similar approach, so it made me think about really trying to qualify again.

You recently traveled to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama. What was that like?

It was an amazing experience. I’m pretty used to public speaking events, but I was super nervous for this one. For one, President Obama and the First Lady were sitting right next to me and I had to give a six-minute-long speech as well. But it turned out great. I think people were really stoked. I hope they were. But it was great to meet the president and talk about Hawaii and surfing with him.

Any other projects coming up?

Yes, actually. I’m about to release my second book. It’s called Bethany Hamilton Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun, and Fabulous Life. It comes out in May and is geared toward young women. It was a really fun project to work on and I hope it will help out a lot of young women.


Roller Derby Summer Boot Camp with Aloha City Rollers


Aloha City Rollers is just about to end our Winter Boot Camp training program. Our next boot camp will be coming up this summer. Boot camp is an accelerated training program in addition to regular practices to teach the minimum skills required to play the sport of roller derby. Training and boot camp are open to women and men 18+ who want to play or referee roller derby. You don’t need to know how to skate or anything about roller derby at this time. We will teach you.

Hawaii Roller Derby Skaters who want to attend the boot camp are required to attend practices prior to boot camp to learn skating basics and be evaluated before qualifying to attend the boot camp. Because this is an accelerated training program only those who qualify will receive an invite to attend boot camp. Now is the time to start your training to be ready for boot camp. Email info@808derby.com for information.

Hawaii Women’s Flag Football League – Xtreme Flag Football


Xtreme Flag Football will soon be moving into their new season and are looking for new ladies, teams, to join them in their new season – If interested in registering a new team or joining an existing team please feel free to contact them today at 216-6722.  For more information and to see teams from their past season you can visit them at their website: Xtreme Flag Football

Hawaii Women and Girl Sports – Community leagues and Fundraisers


As the participation in girls sports continue to grow in numbers so does the women.  We have been contacted by women looking for outside community leagues to partake in and unfortunately not too many of the leagues that exist have made themselves publicly known…We hope to change that.  We are opening our doors to be an outlet for events, outside league information, pick up games, fundraisers etc for the awesome Hawaii women and girl athletes.   So if you are a league, and would like a broader reach for potential players/supporters we welcome you to send your information to us so that we can help to push your events.   You can start by contacting us with the below contact form: