The Sisters of Hi’iaka: Hawaii Women’s Soccer History

1907 Oahu College women's soccer team (photo courtesy Futbol Heritage Archive).

1907 Oahu College women’s soccer team (photo courtesy Futbol Heritage Archive).

In December of 2011 Stryker-Indigo historians (New York) have released an article regarding the rebuilding and restoration of Hawaii Women’s Soccer history documents. While it took 5 years to get this project restored it opened the doors of opportunity for George Fosty, company president and historian, of the Futbol Heritage American Soccer Archive and the Hawaiian Film and Photo Archives. Because of Fosty’s ties to Hawaii, alumni of UH Hilo, and his active particpation in promoting Hawaii soccer in the mid 80’s his effort to restore and preserve Hawaii’s soccer legacy was taken very seriously.

In 2006, when Frosty has launched his project, a major research concern was – When and where did Women’s soccer originate in Hawaii? To their surprise, competitve women’s soccer has been played in Hawaii ona-and-off for more than 100 years, what they’ve found is an article daing back January 15, 1905 where the Honolulu Sunday Advertiser reported, “KAMS vs. Y.W.C.A

Here’s a few more images and to read more on Hawaii Women’s Soccer and it’s origin follow up with Stryker-Indigo