Fast Pitch Hawaii Started their 2014 Spring/Summer Season

Fast Pitch Hawaii - Season 6

Fast Pitch Hawaii’s Women Softball League has started their 2014 Spring Season, 6th season, this past Sunday at Sand Island State Park, located at the end of Sand Island Access Road right off of Nimitz Highway (Highway 92).   Coming into this season FPH has a total of 10 teams and each team with a full roster containing 16+ women, showcasing a minimum of 160 players each Sunday and a crowd support of at least 200.

Teams are full however, rosters are open and teams are willing to take new players aboard.  If you are interested, they are requesting that you contact via FACEBOOK or by EMAIL  (

The following teams are:

Paina Girls (1-0)
Yah U (1-0)
Smurfettes (1-0)
Diamond Love (1-0)
Eat Um Up (1-0)
Twisted Sisters (0-1)
Alcoballics (0-1)
Who Dat (0-1)
Pink Ladies (0-1)
Sweet Okole (0-1)

This league has been blessed with many talented Hawaii Softball Athletes – Former UH Players, Kate Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Makani Duhaylonsod-Kaleimamahu, Kanani Williams, Tyleen Tausaga,  Valana Manuma.  Former Tennessee player Anita Manuma, Florida State – Courtney Senas, Eastern Arizona – Jackie Tema and the list continues.

Fast Pitch Hawaii will be doing it again this Sunday, March 30th at Sand Island State Park and look for community support with encouraging these women to stay athletically active.  They are also looking for financial/product sponsors to reward their awesome women and help keep the league going.  If you would like to make a donation (good will, advertising expenses, etc…) please contact them!

Each Team Manager must fill out the information below and turn it in with full payment.

For 2014 Softball Tournaments in Holland, please click here. Holland Charter Township Recreation will be hosting MASA tournaments this summer in Holland.