Teshya Alo Heads To Serbia For FILA Wrestling World Championships

By: King Eddie

AloOWFCadetThere is a Champion of epic proportions who walks among us on O’ahu. But if you saw this particular Champion, you certainly wouldn’t recognize them. Close your eyes and picture it. A world class athlete with 44 combined titles across Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu. 8 time Hawaii State Wrestling Champion. 4 different National Titles in 2006 alone, and the list goes on. Who would you imagine this legend, who leaves opponents trembling in her wake, to be?

Teshya Alo, a 15 year old girl who will be entering the 10th grade in Kamehameha Schools. That’s right. In her short time on this earth, Teshya has managed to become one of the most prolific young athletes that the state of Hawaii, as well as the world, has ever seen. For us here on the islands, it is an honor and a privledge to have such a competitor in our midst, and to call her future our own.

Her long list of achievments dwarfs every other athlete of her age. But for Teshya, it’s more than just glory or titles. . . it’s her calling. Her natural abilities have come to shock and amaze her instructors. Coach Charles Ariola describes her as one of the most naturally gifted kids he has ever seen. But in discussions with the coach, he assures us that Teshya does not let her natural abilites carry her. She puts in countless hours of hard and dedicated work on her craft. Even if that means perfecting the fundamentals.

At the Ku Lokahi wrestling club, many future leaders are being molded in the field. As a club with genuine and dedicated coaching, how could it not benefit anyone looking to succeed in the sport? But the most important piece of the puzzle, is that of understanding. Coach Ariola understands the differences between each and every athlete he trains. He also understands each individual strength as well. Think of Ku Lokahi as more of a cultivation pod for those in the sport here on O’ahu. Teshya is merely one of those athletes. But just imagine, with a young superstar such as Alo on the team, how could anyone not evolve?

Most recently Teshya has qualified for the USA National Wrestling Team. In a demonstration of pure dominance, Alo took the Junior, and Cadet Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota without having a single point scored against her. Also, having successfully dominated every other tournament, Alo qualified to compete in the FILA World Championships in Serbia.

As she departs for possibly the greatest success in her already amazingly decorated young career, Hawaii should rise up in support behind her. This is, after all, one of the great future Olympians that the islands has to offer. Why should we wait until she makes it that far? Having accomplished much more in just a few years, than many of us reach in a lifetime, her dedication is proven. Leading, sweeping, and smashing her divisions nationally show her skills are sound. And making history by being the first girl from Hawaii to make both the US National Wrestling and Judo Team, as well as being the youngest ever to make both.

Teshya Alo deserves our support as she ventures to Serbia to bring us the glory. And she deserves much more as she rallies on through her career to become, quite possibly, one of the greatest of all time.