404 Kailin Curran: Hawaii Claims Two Fantastic Victories At PXC 38

Kailin Curran: Hawaii Claims Two Fantastic Victories At PXC 38

PXC 38: Kailin Curran

PXC 38: Kailin Curran

In the early morning hours on Friday, roughly between 4am and 6am, the faint sounds of cheering fans could be heard throughout our islands. Those cheering fans were all likely huddled around their computers, much as I was, enjoying the sights and sounds of PXC 38. The event took place in Guam, and as it has become a recent custom, Hawaii was well represented on the card. Both Kailin Curran and Toby Misech scored fantastic victories, while Anthony Torres and Russell Doane fought like champions.

Very excited to see the second coming of “2 Quick”, the fans in Guam went crazy for Toby Misech. After all, his first appearance in the organization went down in typical Toby fashion. . . KO. And much to the delight of everyone watching, his second outing was equally finished. But what makes this win so much more enjoyable is the knowledge that Toby had really stepped up in competition for this fight. His opponent was Shooto Champion, Yusuke Yachi. Most cliche reporters at this point would say something about the “on paper” matchup or the experience. But come on. . . we knew what was coming. With all respect to Mr. Yachi, Toby is on a rise right now that will be hard to hinder. The Hawaii fighter with Palauan blood made the rafters shake at the Fieldhouse in Guam as he landed a hard hook early in the second to overwhelmingly KO his opponent. This notch in his belt puts Toby in very good standing within the organization no doubt. Two outings, two phenominal KO’s against solid opponents. I’m very interested to see where this puts Misech in the ladder position towards the title.

Though the fight was a back and forth striking battle, Yachi managed to stay just out of the maximum power range of Misech throughout the first round. They both exchanged in flurries and both landed some well placed shots. The kicking game of Yusuke Yachi appeared as if it were implemented to create distance, but in random fits of bravery, he would rush in on Toby with a combination. But much like the Toby we all know and love, he waiter patiently and didn’t get too excited. He looked for clear openings and fired off shots when and where he could. But the OOOOO’s and AAAAHHHHH’s came with that final fireworks display that Misech set off on the chin on Yachi. If the fighters in the PXC know anything about Toby Misech at this point, it’s that they should avoid having his fist touch their face at all cost.

In the featured female bout of the evening, the second in PXC all time, Kailin Curran took on Japanese tough girl, Emi Tomimatsu. The Jewels veteran brought a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu to the cage, and a wealth of experience fighting in a much deeper and experienced female division in Japan than we are used to seeing here in Hawaii. But our young Kailin Curran thought nothing of it. She has recently taken steps in her own career to broaden her horizons by relocating to California. Her preparations there with Mark Munoz and Team Reign have really proved beneficial to Curran as she evolves her game along with her career. But all training camps aside, Tomimatsu was not planning on making it an easy night for Curran.

As the fight began it was clear that Tomimatsu wasn’t afraid to exchange. But Curran’s striking proved to be sharper and faster when it counted. The dominance of Curran’s wrestling ability shined through as she shucked off takedown after takedown. Each attempt by Tomimatsu seemed more desperate than the last. But as the fight wore on, the constant pressure of Tomimatsu’s shots began to frustrate Curran. But as she stated post fight, she just had to keep her mind on the plan and execute. Well execute she did. With each passing second it appeared as though Curran grew stronger and faster while Tomimatsu faded. Though both ladies fought to the very end, Curran’s crisp striking and amazing defensive wrestling took control. This is also Curran’s second fight, second victory in the PXC. With her quickly evolving game, I can’t wait to see who she has become in her next fight. Because as it stands now, we see a better, faster, stronger Curran with every outing. We are amazed by your evolution Kailin!

Well two Hawaii vicoties as one hell of an entertaining fight card later, PXC 38 drew itself to a close. The promotion continues to set a standard in the Asia-Pacific region, and Hawaii fighters continue to shine. Congratulations to Kailin and Toby on their hard fought victories, and congratulations to Anthony Torres and Russell Doane for their fantastic display of the warrior spirit. As we look forward to future bouts in the PXC such as Shane Nelson, Ross Ebanez, Louis Smolka, and many more. . . we can rest assured that Hawaii is well represented in the PXC.