Female fighter Kailin Curran of Ewa Beach wins pro debut

Kailin Curran of Hawaii made her professional mixed martial arts debut in Pacific X-treme Combat 36 as she defeated Kaiyana Rain of California in the third round via unanimous decision tonight at the University of Guam field house.

In the first round, Curran came storming out with a hard right that dropped Rain, taking the dominant position on top. While Curran was in Rain’s guard, Curran stood up for a huge slam that dazed Rain.

Curran dropped a storm of blows that Rain countered with an arm-bar that nearly ended the match. Curran fought through it, surviving the attack to remain dominant in the first round.

Curran attempted to throw a right kick to Rain in the second round, but Rain caught the kick, taking the match to the ground. Rain tried to secure a mad arm-bar but was unsuccessful. Curran ended up turning the match around, slipping her way out of the hold, dropping fists on Rain before the bell rang.

Curran was determined to finish the fight in the third round as she landed huge blows to Rain, making her bleed and making the crowd roar. Curran remained dominant throughout the duration of the match until the very end. The match ended with Curran the victor by way of unanimous decision.