Fast Pitch Hawaii Season End Tournament

Starting the Fast Pitch Hawaii Tournament off this past weekend was…

2nd place winners of the League, EAT UM UP vs WHO DAT


Next in line up, the 2013 winter season champions, PILI PA’A vs. BURNING BUSH the very 1st season, 2012 winter champions.

Last but not least team BITE ME vs. GOTCHU

Cheers to dirty Sunday’s 😉 and just for this week Saturday too!

Advancing into tomorrow’s brackets are the ladies of WHO DAT whom defeated our league’s 2nd place winners of the season. It was a bit of an OFF game for our ladies of Eat Um Up but they never let up! They held tight all the way to the end. Thankfully this isn’t the end for them. They’ll be back at it…BIGGER…BETTER…STRONGER for next season 😉 7 – 1

Off the bat and scoring, securing them a spot for Sunday are the ladies of Paina Girls who defeated Pololei with a RUN rule in the 5th inning 15 – 5

3rd game of the day – All 7 innings played. And it was in the 7th inning, the last minutes of the game 2 runs are scored tying the score 3 all. There has to be a winner and since ALL 7 innings were played rules stated to revert to their pitcher’s stats. Team with the most strike outs takes the game – Pili Pa’a takes the game over the ladies of Burning Bush. This was an AWESOME battle and would love to have this as a do over 😉

Last but not least – The ladies of Gotchu banged out their win with SHUTOUT score of 13 – 0 over team BITE ME.

Sunday’s lineup are as follows:

Paina Girls vs. Gotchu
Who Dat vs. Paina Girls

next day

Moving through the first game of the day – Gotchu advances defeating Paina Girls 9 – 4.

Followed by League Champions, Pili Pa’a, defeating the ladies of Who Dat 3 – 2

Taking the ship – Congratulations to the ladies of Team Gotchu defeating Pili Pa’a 16 – 0

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Thank you ladies for an awesome season and an action packed season end tournament. All action shots and team pictures can be purchased from Adair Caras of Adair’s Images and Photography.  You can view more images here:

And while it’s a bitter sweet day for us it’s definitely NOT the end.

With that said – Season 4 is right around the corner. 2013 Spring/Summer Season – More dirty Sunday’s to come!!!

Fast Pitch Hawaii