404 17 year old Calera Uchigakiuchi Schlesinger: Empowering Girls to Change the World.

17 year old Calera Uchigakiuchi Schlesinger: Empowering Girls to Change the World.

Empowerment stories inspire action and Stepping up to the heroic action is 17 year old Student Athlete, Calera Uchigakiuchi Schlesinger of Sacred Hearts Academy: Empowering Girls to Change the World.

Calera Uchigakiuchi Schlesinger

Calera Uchigakiuchi Schlesinger

Cal of Mongolian descent, adopted at 22 months by successful plastic surgeon, Larry Schlesinger and Arlene Uchigakiuchi, studies Shoto-kan karate (brown belt) under Sensei George Kotaka: WKF World Champion 2008, MMA and Boxing under trainer Jon Shimokawa and swims under instructor, Don Pump.

Cal's Aloha Recipes: A Teenagers Family Cookbook

Cal’s heroic action entwines her artistic abilities and love for cooking –  Her very 1st business/charity venture publication – “Cal’s Aloha Recipes – A Teenager’s Family Cookbook.” She will be donating 100% of all proceeds to the Sacred Hearts Scholarship Fund Gala and Silent Auction on October 18. These scholarships benefit the 24% of Sacred Hearts students receiving financial aid.

I am thrilled that I get the opportunity to assist in endowing this scholarship.  Moreover I am honored to have this opportunity to combine my love of cooking, some of my artwork, and a truly deep seated gratitude and affection for Ms. Gopaul (book dedication) and Sacred Hearts Academy… I would like to encourage all the younger students to take a moment and realize what a great center of learning we all attend , and also realize how lucky we all are because of the care and love we each receive every day from the teachers, counselors and administration.   

Calera Schlesinger