Fastpitch NW Evaluation and Profile Building Camp in Hawaii

Too many Hawaii softball players fall through the cracks or don’t get the opportunities they deserve because they were uninformed and unprepared about the college recruiting process.

Stacie Mahoe, of doesn’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why she has organized a clinic by Ken Olsen, from Fastpitch NW, to help Hawaii players get on the right track and take the next step in their college recruiting journey. On December 1 & 2, Ken and his staff will conduct an Evaluation and Profile Building Camp for Hawaii softball players interested in continuing their softball career in college.

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What to Expect:

All players will go through Sparq testing to measure and asses physical skills and ability. Even if you think you know what your skill level is, it’s critical to have an objective third party record and verify your data. That information often carries far more weight than what you or your parents tell a college coach.

In addition, one of the biggest mistakes student-athletes and their families make is targeting the wrong schools. Getting objective feedback on what level of college competition you’re best suited for is essential in providing you with the most opportunities possible.  It’s so important that you knock on and open the right doors!  Otherwise you may waste precious time and completely miss out on your chance because you were looking in the wrong place.  Remember, you only get one shot at this college recruiting journey!  That’s why…

In addition to skills evaluation and testing, instructors also cover various aspects of the college recruiting process. Before players leave for the day instructors review player responsibilities in the college recruiting process again because, the truth is, this is YOUR journey and, therefore, your responsibility.  Not your parents, not your counselor’s, not your high school coaches, or your club team coaches.  None of those people can take care of your grades or do your training for you.  This process is yours to take full control and responsibility for, but that’s difficult to do without the information you need.  So…

Players who attend the camp will learn about…

  • Being pro-active vs waiting for coaches to come calling
  • Various ways to promote yourself (FPNW is just one of them)
  • Being realistic with your abilities and your future as a D1,2,3, NAIA or JC player(so you don’t miss out on the best opportunities for you)
  • The importance of academics early in your HS career (again, so you don’t miss out on the opportunities you want most, grades matter!)

Tom and Ken both have developed close relationships with college coaches in the Northwest. They are constantly promoting FPNW players to coaches even if players can’t attend the FPNW tournament.

Even though the evaluation camp does take a tremendous amount of time, the staff will instruct along the way. If coaches are there, the FPNW staff will share ideas but not over step our bounds.

Parents are free to talk with FPNW instructors about their daughter’s assessment. There’s no sugar coating though. Remember, the only way you can get better is to pinpoint what needs work.  Keep an open mind and listen to the feedback you get so you can make positive adjustments!

During breaks in the action, and before and after the camp, instructors are available for answering questions from parents.

NOTE: Players need to bring their A game to the camp since they will be tested and the results are verified and recorded!

The camp is a chance for players to really step up and show what they have to offer to a college softball program.

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